Whether polymers, gold, or other metals, materials skills and expertise are in our DNA. We’ve built on our core machining capabilities to develop a broad portfolio of offerings, from precision machining and rapid prototyping to engineering and testing.

Precision Polymer Components

PFA Weldments

PFA is a tough, flexible fluoropolymer used for applications requiring high purity and chemical resistance with low stiffness, such as flexible tubing and fluid processing equipment. Our PFA weldments help ensure quality and cleanliness for appropriate liquid delivery.

Gun Drilling

Developed to drill long, accurate holes in all types of plastic materials when conventional CNC lathe machine capabilities are not adequate for boring holes to extreme depths with precise accuracy. C-Hawk’s gun drilling machine allows for hole diameters from .062” to 1.25” and can accommodate up to 23” lengths, providing customers with more accurate parts, rapid turnaround, and lower cost.

Gun drilling


C-Hawk offers a wide range of plastic welding techniques to meet your project’s needs.


Solvent-bonding plastic involves using a solvent to partially dissolve two surfaces made of similar materials, which become bonded together after the solvent evaporates. Diffusion bonding bonds together like materials at the molecular level through heat and pressure at glass transition temperatures. No solvent is applied, and clear bonds can be made with multiple ports or channels. C-Hawk also offers adhesive bonding and mechanical fastening.

Bonding capabilities


C-Hawk’s thermoformed and pressure-formed parts typically replace curved or shaped sheet-metal parts that require excessive welding and/or finishing; they can also replace fiberglass and wood. Thermoforming heats a plastic sheet to a pliable forming temperature, forming it to a specific shape in a mold and trimming it to create a usable product. Pressure forming is used on highly detailed parts, exerting 5x the pressure of thermoforming to move material into the detailed areas.


For new products at the R&D stage or initial low-volume production, C-Hawk’s plastic fabrication provides an excellent manufacturing solution that doesn’t require a heavy investment and extended lead times for tooling.



C-Hawk specializes in temperature controlled, high-precision, contamination-free vertical milling and turning of all types of plastics, including PEEK, Ultem, UHMW, and PTFE.

Surface Technologies


The process of chemically reducing surface roughness on stainless steel and other alloys, electropolishing is accomplished by removing a thin layer of material, rendering the part surface with a smooth, clean, mirror-like finish.



Passivation protects stainless-steel surfaces from corrosion by implementing a microcoating of nitric or citric acid to create a protective oxide layer on the surface.



Electrochemical anodization is used to convert a metal surface into a corrosion-resistant layer, activating the surface layer to serve as a protective coating for the equipment.


Chrome Plating

As with gold plating, we are a global leader in the chrome plating process. Not merely decorative, chrome plating also adds hardness and contributes to the corrosion resistance of the parts being plated.

TCP Chrome plating

Nickel Plating

Nickel plating serves as a tie layer for gold plating. It prevents the diffusion of copper into a part’s gold top layer, as this diffusion can degrade electrical characteristics and contacts’ resistance to corrosion.

Nickel Plating

Gold Plating

Gold plating is a key feature of metal components used in certain semiconductor capital equipment, allowing for uniform heating and reflectivity throughout a semiconductor chamber. Our products have a direct effect on the silicon wafer and are critical to its overall yield and performance, plating aluminum, brass, and copper substrates for the epitaxy market.

Gold painting

Gas Delivery

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To perform in-house ultrasonic cleans of gas lines, we use a Pentagon particle cleaning system utilizing deionized (DI) water. For orbital weldment support, we use a Crest ultrasonic cleaner per SEMI Standard E49.7.

Machined Blocks/Flanges

We offer a broad range of supporting products for optimized gas delivery, including precision machining, UHP machine blocks, exotic machine blocks, milling, lathes, and screw machines.

Machinned blockes

Gas Distribution Assemblies

Our line of custom-made, build-to-print assemblies enables more controlled, precise engineering for gas lines, valves, and manifolds. Configurable to accommodate virtually any box size.

TIG Large OD Weldments

Our tungsten inert gas (TIG) outside-diameter (OD) gas lines for exhaust are essential when a weldment is required with a larger OD than our high-purity offerings. Our seven GTAW (gas tungsten arc welding) stations and three tube-bending stations allow us to accommodate customer requirements quickly and efficiently.

Ultra-High Purity (UHP) Weldments

Our UHP gas delivery systems for semiconductor OEM equipment ensure purity and safe conveyance of the specialized gases essential to chip manufacturing processes.

Systems & Modules

Field Service

We offer field service engineering (FSE) support for start-up or troubleshooting.


Our test team performs functional testing in coordination with customer test specifications and fixtures.

System Integration

Once we have manufactured and purchased all of the BOM components, we perform system integration and testing. We offer OMS development and refinement.

Vertical Integration

This is a key value add for C-Hawk: We can vertically integrate all plastic BOM items while utilizing a competitive global supply chain for our buy parts.


We have the capacity and capabilities to perform box build assembly and testing. We offer both vertically and non-vertically integrated manufacturing and testing solutions.

Assemblies team

Box Builds

We have the capacity and capabilities to perform box build assembly and testing. We offer both vertically and non-vertically integrated manufacturing and testing solutions.

box builds